Logic Colloquium 2016

Travel Grant Applications

The ASL will make available modest travel awards to graduate students in logic and to recent PhDs; see here for more details.

To be considered for a travel award, please (1) send a letter of application, and (2) ask your thesis supervisor to send a brief recommendation letter.

The application letter should be brief (preferably one page) and should include:
(1) your name;
(2) your home institution;
(3) your thesis supervisor's name;
(4) a one-paragraph description of your studies and work in logic, and a paragraph indicating why it is important to attend the meeting;
(5) your estimate of the travel expenses you will incur;
(6) (for citizens or residents of the USA) citizenship or visa status;
(7) (voluntary) indication of your gender and minority status.

The deadline for travel grant applications is May 2nd, 2016.

Both, the application and the recommendation letter must be received on the deadline at latest by the Organizing Committee:

Email: lc2016@leeds.ac.uk
Subject: ASL travel application

Logic Colloquium 2016
School of Mathematics
University of Leeds

Leeds LS2 9JT


Applications by email are preferred.

Applicants will be notified in time to be able to register with the early registration fee.